About this Site

Education is one of the key topics concerning every parent and student globally. More evidently so in Singapore, where we have accepted and embraced the principals of meritocracy, that of which may have helped develop our unique quality of what we colloquially refer to as “kiasuism”. To do better or just to keep up, many of us face the challenges of identifying the right tuition or enrichment centre to sign-up with. The search for an ideal tuition or enrichment centre can be a daunting and frustrating task with the myriad of options available and without qualitative or quantitative reviews.


Tuition Hub, conceived by co-founders Tomonori Takihi and Dioni Yong was created to address these concerns and to assist parents and students alike to determine which centres are the best choices using Tuition Hub’s intelligent, practical, user-friendly platform and genuine user feedback contributions. This interactive platform allow users to share and rate their experiences with other users, helping one another through WOM and objective and constructive feedback aiding users to discern and decide better.


Key Selling Points

  • Database of more than 90% of centres here
  • Preferred Platform for most parents
  • User Rating
  • Site Rating
  • Search by Location, Rating, Education Level, etc.
  • Shortlist Centres
  • One-glance overview
  • Easily contact centres via site
  • Get the latest news
  • Receive alert
  • Give your views
  • Many more…

Tuition Hub is here to help you streamline and simplify the otherwise unnerving process of finding your ideal tuition/enrichment centre. The subject of Education is stressful enough, we are here to help take off some of the pressure and to make the experience somewhat more seamless and enjoyable.